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1. Post these rules.
2. Post 8 facts about your character.
3. Tag 8 other characters (or as many as I see fit). No
4. Post their names, along with their creator's avatars.

1. Concept? I don't know the meaning of that word.. 

As said before, Toxic Flare is just a rehashed team from another group that fell through so quickly it was a wonder how it got started in the first place. Strangely enough, I don't really have much planned for Persephone but maybe as the group goes on, the ball will get rolling, gears will turn, ect, ect. 

2. Underneath that tough exterior, there is a heart of gold. 

We've seen a few times from this froggy that they don't talk very much and are quite calm in most situations (unless it comes to fire; then she just freezes in place). One would think that being so stoic, there aren't many emotions that come from her but in reality, she's just very good at controlling her emotions and won't say much in general if she doesn't know the person that well. 

If she sees someone in trouble though she won't hesitate to jump in the protect them, no matter who they are. She has a vendetta against bullies and even if they're adults, Persephone will not halt in the fitting punishment of butt kicking to save whoever is being picked on. 

3. Insult her all you want, but.. 

Persephone is calm for the most part; insults roll off her back like a duck in water. Insult Olek or any of her friends, but especially her brother and you will get the worst death glare of your life. Even if you try to apologize later on she won't listen.

This is because in her opinion, her brother has gone through enough and doesn't need bullies in his life anymore. She is trying to work on making her brother toughen up in his own way, but she knows it'll take time and that's fine; they've got all the time in the world right now. 

4. She loves her brother dearly, and just wants the best for him. 

All their lives she's been there for her brother and even though some unfavourable situations have happened to the both of them, she will still be there even if he decides he wants nothing to do with her anymore and tries to get away from her. 

Because unbeknownst to him, Persephone knows almost there is about her little brother and can read his emotions quite well. She knows when he's sad, about to explode, break down, or try to do something negative or thoughtless.

Which is why she gets slightly surprised whenever he is chipper or wants to try something new; usually Ollie is quite sullen, stubborn and a little sulky. It's a nice change though and she doesn't say anything negative, even if the idea does seem a little strange to her. 

5. Fears? What are those? 

She's a tough cookie, this one is. Nothing seems to spook her and the only real worry she has is her brother, but that seems to be going well so far. 

6. Persephone actually really likes fashion, despite being of the mind set that less is more. 

The only reason she wears that massive scarf is because she doesn't want others to be spooked or scared off by all the scars she had on the upper half of her body. Other than that, she really enjoys clothing but nothing too warm; being comfortable is all she cares about. 

7. She's a really good fighter, but doesn't really like to talk about it. 

Persephone is a great fighter, able to lash out with her legs and is pretty agile to boot. If anyone was to ask her thought, she wouldn't tell you where she got her skills from, pretty much remaining silent and evading all questions afterwords.

It's not something she's proud of knowing. 

8. Her journey will be entwined with her brothers for the most part, but there might be some splitting off~ 

Who knows though; she has her own story too and even though it's not in my mind right now, something might pop up to make me go: "Ah, that's a good plot point for her!".

My brain ran out I'll elongate the heck out of these later
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