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A while away, a small puff of cloud was making its way out of the fog. Some angry muttering could be heard from it as it crawled along the ground and after a few feet, the muttering got louder until they were more related to furious screaming.  


With the sound of violently flapping wings, the cloud dissolved in a big poof and a Ducklett that was more than a little annoyed was revealed from it. When looking at the bird, one could instantly see that it differed from other Duckletts: instead of two tufts on its head, it had just one, curving upwards into a spike, giving the duck a somewhat silly look. Its eyes were also significantly smaller than those of a normal Ducklett. Surprisingly enough, that didn't make his sight any worse. If anything, it was better than one would expect.

"Darn water. Always in the bloody way! Geese."

Somehow, the Ducklett had appeared at some sort of town and the few townsfolk who had seen the whole event just stared in the duck's direction, confused over what they just had witnessed. Meanwhile, the Ducklett kept grunting and groaning to himself, until he finally snapped out of his tantrum and looked up, only to see several sets of eyes pointing his way. He looked back at the watchers and quickly, his irritation started rising again.

"... WHAT!?" He shouted, causing most of the audience to jump. They all then went back to their respective activities, as if nothing had happened.  

The Ducklett's mood had not become much better. After all that had happened, it was not easy for the bird to calm itself. Even if it was useless, he started walking around the town to try and lighten his mood. However, as one could imagine, all the yelling from the shops and stands did nothing but annoy him further and whenever someone walked up to him to advertise, all he responded with was an aggressive "HONK!" to topple the traders, before continuing his walk. Eventually, he made it to a somewhat less hectic part of the town, where he settled down to rest his legs.  

His walk had not worked even the slightest. He was still steaming hot. All he could think of was everything that had happened just before he arrived in the town. He just couldn't believe how much of a bastard that guy was. He tried not to let it get to his head too much. Instead, figuring that his mood was the result of him being tired, he settled on the ground a bit more to try and get a little sleep.

His sleep didn't last too long, though. After just having had his eyes shut for a few minutes, he woke up by something making the ground rumble and when he opened his eyes, all he could see was a big box coming towards him from above. In distress, he quickly flew away just seconds before the box thumped down and made a less than graceful landing a few feet away, his beak scraping against the dirt and wings straight out to the sides. As he laid there, he could hear some laughter coming from some younger Pokemon that were passing by. This somehow made all the former steam from the duck disappear. He stood up, rustled the dust from his feathers and turned to see who had tried to crush him. What he saw was a Golett, who apologized for not seeing him. Having gotten a bit happier, the Ducklett only shook his head, silently patted the Golett on its shoulder and started waddling away.

With his mood now a bit brighter, he went onto exploring the town a bit more, now that he already was here. There were a lot of shops, which was to be expected in a place that was buzzing with Pokemon. He ignored the yells of prices directed at him and decided to wander down towards the center of town, where the yells and Pokemon faded into murmured conversations and whispered words.

A perfect place where a somewhat troubled Ducklett could test his vocal cords for his own enjoyment~

Meanwhile, Darasheep had stopped crying and was sitting with her chin resting on her knees, leaning up against a wall for support. Those sharp blue eyes had dulled, reddened and puffed from weeping as she closed them for a rest. A headache pounded at her temples from not only lack of food and water, but also the fact that she had just wept. She wished it would go away but the crying had helped in a sense. She felt much better than beforehand, now that some of the pressure had gone away.

Shifting into a more comfortable position, the electric type sniffled and wiped at the tear tracks on her cheeks as if trying to rub away the memories that came with those tears. As she did so, a very faint voice came into her sensitive hearing and she stirred as if waking from a dream. It trickled into her mind like a small stream waking after winter, the words awakening something inside her aching heart.

Try not to fall

Try not to lose

Any hope

That the dawn

Might bring

Staggering upright and leaning against a wall to steady herself, Darasheep sniffled once more before a surge of energy electrified her entire body. She knew the voice that was singing as well as her own voice, though with all the crying she had done it was probably shaky as anything.
Even so she found the strength to start off in a wobbly trot to where the voice was coming from, making her way through the many groups of Pokemon filtering through the town, each lost in their own ways. Pushing past a particularly chatty group, she spotted the singing Pokemon, but had to do a double take before fully recognizing him. Almost instantly, relief flooded through her body, leaving it tingling as if she had just received a shock from another Pokemon.

He was okay.

He was okay!

With a cry of “Gooseka!” Darasheep threw herself onto the bundle of blue feathers, ignoring his cry of surprise and confusion, as well as the looks from everyone surrounding them as she knelt down, her shaking limbs giving out from the rough time she had given them. Trying not to cry again she hugged her partner close until a wing pushed gently on her chest, causing her to loosen her grip; she had unconsciously been tightening it as to not let him escape, while also unintentionally suffocating him.

Gooseka looked up into the tear stained but relieved face and honked, gaining a weak smile from the pink Pokemon and she sniffled and set him down. Once he had gotten a good look at her, he nodded and smiled, but voiced a somewhat loud opinion, causing a red tinge to shoot across the Flaffy’s face.

“Dara! Where's your fluff? Your butt must be freezing; you're half naked!”

One of Darasheep’s paws automatically went down in a chopping motion to hit him square on the head. With her normally coloured cheeks now full flame, the Flaaffy berated the Ducklett, her voice cracking from a mix of emotions.

“D-Don’t say that so casually you idiot!”

“Whaaaat?” Gooseka replied, ducking his head underneath one of his wings to fend off any other blows from his embarrassed partner. “You ARE half naked!”

“That’s not the kind of thing I want other mons hearing!” she retorted breathlessly, her jeweled tail thumping the ground as the rest of her body trembled with exhaustion. “E-Even if it is true.”  

That brought a chuckle from the duck as he shook himself off before stretching his wings with a flap, seeming eager to get moving once again. Noting that his partner seemed out of sorts, he instead chose to lead her to an inn that they had both passed by without noticing. It was a small place with many electric type Pokemon in it, which suited the sheep just fine. Not that she minded other types, but being about electric types made her feel more at home when she was so far away.

The room they settled into was a small one that suited them both fine, Darasheep being almost asleep on her hooves in the process. She was so tired she ignored the food that had been set out for them both, instantly heading for the sleeping quarters that had been set down for the pair of them. It consisted of two pillows and some thin blankets but that was enough for the sleepy sheep, even though she was used to lots of blankets.

She barely remembered Gooseka thanking the owner of the place, a Pachirisu, before she curled up on the blankets left for them and falling fast asleep.

Gooseka pecked at the food for a bit, eating enough to quell his rumbling stomach before settling down to sleep himself. He paused in grooming his feathers to adjust the blanket tighter about his partners body, knowing that she liked to sleep with the blanket wrapped about her entire body. Finishing his grooming he went to sleep himself, silence enveloping the pair like the warm blankets that surrounded their body.

Outside, peace reigned supreme, everyone going about their own business at their own pace. In one particular place in the middle of the city there stood a fountain and over top a statue. It was a very large statue, bigger than most of the buildings. Although it didn’t seem like a normal statue even though it stood still as stone.

But upon closer inspection, its eyes... glowed! 
Part two of ??? for Atlantic Fence's M1 for PMD-Unity.

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Aww, reunited at last.
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